Gradam Uí Chuanacháin

The promotion of business in Irish was the guiding aim of our founder, Podraig Ó Cuanacháin. His vision lives on today through our Irish Language in Business Award, Gradam Ui Chuanacháin. The award - presented annually to businesses in Cork -recognises businesses that embrace the ‘buntáiste breise' of incorporating Irish into their company. We also offer a corporate membership to businesses in Cork, and beyond. Corporate membership ensures primacy of access to events, and a host of different advertising opportunities at Gael-Taca events during the year.

Pádraig Uí Chuanacháin was a founding member of Gael-Taca in 1987 and he was also heavily involved in founding Irish primary schools in Cork City and County. Pádraig firmly believed that Irish should be seen by pupils outside the classroom and he encouraged businesses to make Irish visible. The language experienced a growth and development at that stage and Gael-Taca have been following Pádraigs example ever since. Pádraig’s death was a huge loss not only for his family and the Irish speaking community but to the country as a whole.

This award will be presented to the company or business that most promotes the Irish language. There are various ways of using Irish in business. It can be used on internet websites, advertising, signage or information leaflets. Gael-Taca are available to help and advise anyone wishing to use the language. People in Cork are very favourable towards the language and it can be very useful in marketing. This is your chance to harness that goodwill.

In relation to using Irish, research conducted shows that:

  • Using Irish in Business is a Differentiator
  • Using Irish in Business Provides Access to New Markets
  • Using Irish in Business Enhances a Company's Reputation
  • Using Irish in Business is both Cost-Effective and Easy to Implement

So why would you use the Irish Language in your business?

  • Commercial Benefits- differentiates your products and services from those of your competitors by creating a memorable customer experience. Provides access to new markets (With over 7,000 Students attending Gaelscoileanna in Cork)
  • Branding Benefits- highlights the ethnicity and origins of goods (Irish, Local, Community)
  • “Irishness” is a modern twist and alternative to 'Shamrocks'
  • The 'Public Relations' benefits derived from using Irish in business cover everything from customer to industry recognition and awards.
  • 27 Gaelscoileanna in Cork

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