Rita competition

Rita competition

Help! Help! A Witch!


Oh, you'll never guess what she's gone and done now?!

Oh, it's too wicked! 

The Witch! Out of Rita agus an Chailleach! She's after stealing all the colours! But, hang on, you say, who am I? Why I'm Máire Zepf, of course! Author of the Rita agus books.

And you can imagine my horror when I opened a Rita book one day to find all the pages turned black and white! Then I heard a Tee hee hee! and saw the Witch flying away with all the colours!

Well, I talked with my publisher An tSnáithaid Mhór straight away and my friends at Gael-Taca and together we hatched a plan: what if we ran a colouring competition? Would it break the witch's spell if we got enough children to colour in Rita pictures? And we could even ask our friends at Glór na nGael to help us get the word out about the competition! That just might work!

Well, as Gael-Taca got busy organising the competition, Rita and I tried solving the problem on our own. Sadly, one of her best friends has been feeling very poorly since the Witch stole all his colours. Poor Rita tried her best to set things right but, as you can see—crayons, pencils and paint brushes thrown everywhere—it's not easy colouring in a whole dragon and she had to give up in the end because she was so worn out from all the colouring.

Still, Rita's not one to give up without a fight and so she challenged the Witch to a wizarding battle. She made her own wand and everything and, see, clever girl, even managed to colour herself back in! But, alas, though she got in a few good shots, the battle ended in a draw and so that leaves us still in a fix, I'm afraid. 

Unless, maybe, you can help? All you have to do is pick one of the three colouring pictures below to print off and colour in:

RITA COLOURING PICTURE 1http://www.gaeltaca.ie/custdocs/Rita%20ag%20Eitilt%20Picti%C3%BAr%20Dath%C3%BAch%C3%A1in%201.pdf

RITA COLOURING PICTURE 2: http://www.gaeltaca.ie/custdocs/Rita%20agus%20an%20Chailleach%20Picti%C3%BAr%20Dath%C3%BAch%C3%A1in%202.pdf

RITA COLOURING PICTURE 3: http://www.gaeltaca.ie/custdocs/Rita%20agus%20an%20Drag%C3%BAn%20Tuirseach%20Traochta%20Picti%C3%BAr%20Dath%C3%BAch%C3%A1in%203.pdf

Then email a photo of it to eolas@gaeltaca.ie (not forgetting to mention your name, age, and address in your email!) Or you can post your entry to:

Ionad Ghael-Taca, 22 Port Uí Shúilleabháin, Corcaigh.

Or, if you don't have a printer at home, don't worry: drawing a picture of Rita is just as good. Just be sure to make it as colourful as possible: that will show the Witch, the big meanie!

The deadline is Wednesday 30 September so be sure to send your entry to us by then.

And, as a thank you for your hard work, I will be giving prizes (a Rita book bundle and some goodies from Gael-Taca) for the best drawn and best coloured-in pictures!  

And who knows, maybe we'll meet someday as I'm planning a visit to Ionad Ghael-Taca in Cork once the world gets back to normal after lockdown. Come prepared to bust some moves as I may be running a ninja academy like the one I ran in the Cultúrlann Mc Adam Ó Fiaich in Belfast last year: https://vimeo.com/383724540.

Until then sayonara, Young Grasshopper, and best of luck,


Máire Zepf.